Christian Prescott

Software engineer living and working in Salt Lake City, UT. Engaged in full time enterprise web development, contract work, and unique personal projects since 2012.


  1. 2021 - Present Lead Software Engineer, Shop-Ware
    • Mentored junior and senior engineers as team lead. Used effective code review and one-on-one pairing to deliver high quality changes and stronger developers.
    • Collaborated with product, customer support, and team leads to prioritize impactful features.
    • Architected full-stack enhancements using thorough documentation to communicate decisions and direct teams.
    • Achieved business goals of faster delivery, improved stability, and lower costs. Demonstrated these achievements with monitoring and reporting tools.
    • Effected change beyond the monolith app including PostgreSQL database optimizations, third party integrations, and internal services.
    • Executed complex schema migrations and refactors to elevate components of legacy data and application stack.
    • Encouraged strong convention and ownership values in the organization through individual contributions to Ruby on Rails monolith and Backbone and React clients.
  2. 2015 - 2020 Senior Software Engineer, Instructure
    • Contributed to suite of mature Ruby on Rails learning management webapps.
    • Deployed to AWS cloud infrastructure in multitenant SaaS architecture.
    • Developed accessible, localized React and Ember frontend including contributions to shared component library.
    • Supported service teams' networking needs in cloud native environment using Docker, Kubernetes, and Envoy API gateway.
    • Tuned monitors and alerts to maximize uptime and minimize oncall incidents.
    • Practiced adaptive agile development among small distributed and remote teams.
  3. 2013 - 2015 Associate Software Engineer, Fidelity Investments
    • Managed Java Spring project CI under Maven build management to Jenkins and Nexus for deployment to internal PaaS.
    • Enhanced legacy e-learning software with additional REST endpoints and web services.
    • Hacked together JavaScript WebGL 3D portfolio visualization with gesture-based interface.
  4. 2012 Undergraduate Researcher, Clemson University
    • Maintained Perl backend to Genomics Institute web ordering system.
    • Designed and implemented Java batch neuroimage processing, deidentification, and transfer tool.
  5. 2012 Endless Robot Street
    • Originally developed for Windows Phone 7 in C#, a surprising number of people did actually "get" this small physics toy. RIP XNA.


  1. 2012 BS Computer Science, Minor Digital Production Arts, Clemson University